Quality Policy and Strategy

At CMI Durango, we have a clear objective to offer a service of Precision, Quality and Service to our customers in their market segments. Currently, aware of the importance of meeting the expectations of interested parties and ensuring the health and safety of staff and any other person who may be at our facilities, we have developed a Quality Management, Environment and OSH System, in accordance with the requirements of International Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001.


Our commitment to enhance the management of Quality, Environmental and OSH issues and minimise the environmental impacts of our processes and products is therefore a priority. To this end, with the participation of all our members, we established a policy that optimises the use of resources to satisfy our stakeholders and achieve continuous improvement in all areas of the company.


The company’s culture is based on its mission, vision and values.


Quality Policy, SST and MA



To offer technical solutions applying the latest technologies available in manufacture and reconstruction of machine tools for different sectors (aeronautical, wind, rail, models…), offering personalised products adapted to customer requirements and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.


To be a nationally recognised company in supplying personalised solutions for customers.


To establish our position internationally.


The fundamental values of the company with which we are able to achieve our strategic objectives are:


Responsibility, honesty, experience, learning, improvement and teamwork.


What do these values mean for CMI DURANGO?


Respect and comply with the rules, commitments and behaviours established by the organisation through our acts and examples, both through our own actions and during any interaction with other people within the organisation or outside it, whenever we are representing it. Always guarantee compliance with applicable regulations in all areas of the Company.


Be consistent, both in rights and obligations.


We are a company with more than 20 years of experience, which allows us to have enough information and knowledge to solve any challenge we face including adapting to new sectors.


Predisposition and capacity for:

– Knowing and putting into practice new techniques and resources in our field of work
– Valuing the knowledge acquired by the people in the organisation and sharing that knowledge internally.


We approach every day with a desire to improve. We want to be a benchmark in the sector and therefore we dedicate all our efforts to offering the best to our customers.


Collaborative attitude, bringing together the knowledge and experience of each person in a coordinated manner to achieve the most effective results with the resources at our disposal.

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