Reconstruction and mechanical, electrical and electronic update or a combination thereof, of outdated machinery of large dimensions to provide them with more features, safety and versatility, which are currently necessary capabilities, improving production times and their accuracy. In this way, you get a top quality product, updated at a much lower price.


In most cases it is the customer himself who is responsible for providing the main structure of the machine and the technical team of CMI Durango, which has extensive experience in this field, is responsible for studying the adequacy and modernization of each machine, calculating and designing the best solutions for that purpose.


To do this, the electrical system is renewed and the machine is tuned to meet specifications as if it were a new machine. CNC controls and new drives are incorporated, and the kinematics of the machine in general (spindle, zips, pinions) is renewed, avoiding unnecessary transmissions. It offers the possibility of incorporating other improvements such as, for example, electronic measurement systems and greasing. In addition, the appearance of the machine is renewed with fairings and protections. Finally, the start-up is carried out in the client’s facilities and training is given related to the management of the same.

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