Sustaintability and the environmnet

Due to CMI Durango’s belief in respect for the environment, the company carries out its activities in a sustainable manner. For this reason, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate plays a key role in the company’s policy and culture. This certification recognises and accredits the management of the production centre in accordance with standards of quality and respect for the environment that exceed those required by current Community and Spanish regulations.

The environmental management system implemented is integrated with the quality system ISO 9001 and with occupational safety and health system OSHAS 18001 and covers all production processes. The system procedures developed prioritise protecting the atmosphere, water and soil; rational use of natural resources; minimising and properly managing waste; and saving energy and raw materials


In addition, particular emphasis is placed on applying the criteria of ECODESIGN and of safety and ergonomics in production processes. These are key to contributing to a lower environmental impact from the initial design of a machine to the end of its use, optimising the life cycle cost.

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